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Future of the fashion is about to change by NFT technology. Nft-Style will be the first project in which fashion icons, stylists, world brands and artists may be able to guide world of fashion. You will have a chance to become an icon in the new metaverse of fashion and create unique creations on NFT Universe.

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The most important issue underlying decentralized money, free thoughts, and crypto, the last shining star of technology, is that it is unclaimed. Our main goal as a team is to integrate an unclaimed and unrestricted currency into the fashion world.

Locket Liquid

We promise to be a currency that supports its investors and creators. Locked liquidity and more will allow you to make safe investments.


On Each Transaction:

2% Redistributed, 1% Burn, 4% Marketing, 3% Development


The 10,000-piece Collection, consisting of the clothing types of iconic characters of the Fashion World, will offer special awards to its Investors.

Become Part of the Future

Are you ready to step forward for the world of fashion?

Display your designs that will reshape new metaverse of fashion and be unique, take part in this privilaged project, display your designs on the marketplace. Attract the world of fashion brands!

  • Stylist and Models
  • Fashion Designers
  • Amateur Artists
  • Fashion Icons
  • High Street Brands
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The Nft-Style Marketplace is being designed to support the token perfectly. It is being developed to use NFT-Style token which will generate higher demand for the market. In addition of being unique concept, commission rates will be burned every month.

Market Place
Fashion's Unique Collections

Have Unique Iconic Collections!

Become the owner of the collections in which we will present the iconic styles of the people who have left their mark on World Fashion!

Iconic styles will be produced in 10,000 units and will gain value according to their rarity.

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  • Project Start
  • Contract Initialized
  • Contract Verified
  • Token Initialized
  • PancakeSwap Listing
  • Website Deployed
  • Whitepaper Publish
  • Social Media Accounts Created

In Process

  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • Listing on Coingecko
  • Listing on Tokpie
  • Listing on Coinsniper
  • Listing on Nomics
  • Listing on Freshcoins
  • Verified on BSC Scan
  • #StyleSwap Publish

In Process

  • Trustwallet Logo
  • Manuel Burn v1.
  • Manuel Burn v2.
  • The making of our marketing strategy
  • Marketplace v1. Publish
  • First collection awards
  • Website redesign

In Process

  • Listing on MINTME
  • Listing on Coinstats
  • Listing on ZBG

In Process

  • Listing on BitForex
  • Marketplace v.2
  • Collection awards vol.2

V.2 In Process

Coming Soon

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Luxury fashion brands poised to join the NFT party

While each new day brings another breathless story on a new non-fungible token (NFT) record sale, the luxury fashion world has remained relatively quiet. But that’s about to change. Fashion brands have been studying the wild, wacky world of blockchain and all its creative and business possibilities. Now they are poised to jump in.



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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some of the information you will need about the project for you. For more, visit the Telegram Group.

What is Nft Style Token?

Future Fashion is shaped by unstoppable nft technology. Nft-Style; It will be the first nft fashion stop where fashion icons, stylists, world brands and amateur artists will guide fashion. The future will now be felt much more closely. Who knows, maybe in the very near future your fashion design will become a unique icon in the world of Fortine.

Why blockchain?

Decentralized exchange protocol based on Binance. The Binance smart chain does not need any external dependencies to work. That's why we are happy to be a part of the decentralized system.

How do I buy Nft Style tokens?

Nft Style runs on the Binance Smart Chain Network. To purchase tokens, you need to create the digital wallet. After Trustwallet has created a metamask-like digital wallet, you can use the Pancake Swap Trade section. Our Contract Address:

What is your Slip Page Rate and Commission?

8% between 12%

Market Cap